List of accepted abstracts

Alvarez-Mosquera, Pedro (University of Salamanca). The Predominance of English in the South African Context: An Issue of Identity.
Beltrán-Palanques, Vicente and Alicia Martínez-Flor (Universitat Jaume I). Exploring learners' online apologetic responses: Using retrospective verbal reports to better understand them.
Borlongan, Ariane Macalinga and JooHyuk Lim (De La Salle University, Manila). Change in the Morphosyntax of Philippine English.
Brown, Amy Aisha (The Open University). A portrait of English and its users in Japanese junior high school textbooks.
Coto, Eduardo (University of Santiago de Compostela). Down the passive gradient: from agentive to borderline get + past participle constructions in Singaporean English.
Davydova, Julia (University of Mannheim). Contact-induced change in a multilingual setting: A case study of the quotatives in Indian English.
Etiz, Filiz (Middle East Technical University). Challenges in writing for OYP postgraduate students
Evans, Stephen (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University). Settlers, sojourners and indigenes: Tracking the evolution of English in Hong Kong.
Hattum, Marije van (Liverpool Hope University). Tenseless 'might' in English English, Irish English and Australian English
Herat, Manel (Liverpool Hope University). BE GOING TO and HAVE TO: a corpus study of Sri Lankan English usage in comparison to British and American English.
Hurst, Nicolas (University of Porto). Dissecting the discourse: dialogues as models of spoken English in ELT coursebooks.
Kabak, Baris and Kirsten Meemann (University of Würzburg). Native English speakers’ grammatical intuitions on a dialectal feature.
Kherbache, Fatma (Abou Bakr Belkaid University- Tlemcen- Algeria). Arabic and French influence on the pronunciation of English as a foreign language
Laitinen, Mikko and Magnus Levin (Linnaeus University). Subjective progressives in Present-Day Englishes: The case of always progressives
Lim, Lisa (The University of Hong Kong). The impact of yesterday’s founder population on today’s Englishes: The Peranakans and Singapore English.
Mechraoui, Amal (University of Malaya). A comparative study of the language used in direction giving interactions: The case of Malay and Algerian English as lingua franca speakers.
Montes-Granado, Consuelo (University of Salamanca). The lingua franca model in the teaching of English as a foreign language in Spain.
Noël, Dirk (University of Hong Kong) and Johan van der Auwera (University of Antwerp). Investigating recent changes in New Englishes with Factiva®.
Palacios-Martínez, Ignacio (University of Santiago de Compostela). “He don’t really do nothing”. A corpus-based study of third person singular don’t in the language of British teenagers.
Schleef, Erik (University of Manchester). Age and indexicality: exploring the social meanings of t-glottalling in Manchester, England.
Serrano-Losada, Mario (University of Santiago de Compostela). Element-final like in Hiberno-English: Nots on its pervasiveness, frequency and distribution.
Vives Centelles, Eva (U
niversity of Balearic Islands). Pronominal variation in South-East Asian Englishes.
Weber, Elisabeth (University of Vienna). English as a lingua franca and appropriate teacher competence.
Werner, Valentin (University of Bamberg). Overlap and divergence-aspects of the present perfect in World Englishes.
Westphal, Michael (University of Münster). Perceptions of English accents of standard speech in Jamaican radio newscasting.
Wolf, Göran (Technische Universität Dresden). Does Present-day Ulster Scots abandon tradition?
Wulfert, Johanna (University of Münster). Mobile outer circle speakers' attitudes towards different varieties of English.
Zaragoza-Ninet, Gora (University of Valencia IULMA). Assessing students in the Web .0 era: development of competencies, digital literacy and students as creators of curricular material.
Zipp, Lena and Adina Staicov (University of Zurich). English in San Francisco Chinatown – Indexing Identity with Speech Rhythm?

Authors of papers accepted for presentation will be invited to submit their paper for publication in a special journal issue or volume with an international publisher. Papers will be subjected to refereeing.


Early: 1 May-1 September
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